Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Options

Other available hormone replacement options are thyroid, oxytocin, cortisol/adrenalin, and insulin. Your comprehensive assessment will determine if you are deficient and whether you will benefit from replacement. Request an appointment today.
Natural Supplements [vitamin D, fenugreek, or ashwagandha]

- Ease of Use: Self-administered daily
- Benefits: Natural vitamins and minerals

- Ease of Use: Self-administered daily – 2x/daily
- Benefits: Easy to use
- Safety Profile: Difficult to dose, variable absorption, risk of transmitting to women and children via touch

- Ease of Use: Self-administered daily – 2x/daily
- Benefits: No shots or skin treatment, applied to inner cheek
- Safety Profile: May alter taste, gum irritation

- Ease of Use: Self-administered vs in-office (optional) weekly
- Benefits: High Absorption, Easy to dose
- Safety Profile: injection, local reactions possible

- Ease of Use: Placed under skin every 4-6 months
- Benefits: Long-lasting, Easy to dose, Fewer visits, gradual release
- Safety Profile: In-office procedure, skin scarring possible