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Metabolic Health Assessment & Health Optimizations located in Houston, TX

Integrative Care 360

At Integrative Care 360 we are dedicated to providing exceptional medical services with a focus on metabolic syndrome. Our clinic is recognized for its comprehensive approach to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of metabolic syndrome and its associated complications. We understand that metabolic health is the cornerstone of overall well-being, which is why we offer personalized care plans designed to improve and optimize your metabolism. Our team of healthcare professionals is committed to addressing all aspects of metabolic imbalance including weight management, skin health, and joint conditions.

We believe in a holistic approach to health, where patients are empowered to take an active role in their wellness journey. Our multi-faceted treatment strategy includes advanced hormone therapy with Biote®, targeted nutrient supplementation, and effective medical weight loss programs. We also offer esthetics and cosmetic treatments, including skin restoration, Botox®, and Juvederm so that our clients can look and feel their best. Dr. Turner uses only the highest quality products from manufacturers like Allergan and SkinMedica®. Welcome to a place where your health is our mission, and your vitality is our success.

The Integrative Care 360 Difference

Integrative Care 360 LLC utilizes the Integrative Care 360 Optimization Framework as a basis for care provided in order each client receives metabolic optimization. We pride ourselves in providing client-centered, holistic and equitable care. We believe that you should have high expectations, and we meet them with:
Convenience & Dependability

- Online appointment scheduling
- Convenient Houston location
- Ease of communication through patient portal
- Dedicated time to receive the care you desire
Personalized Care

- Client-centered approach
- You set your health goals
- Comprehensive assessments
- Supportive team
- Solutions that optimize your health
Holistic & Evidence-Based Treatment

- Combination of Conventional and
- Complimentary Medicine
- A focus on preventing disease
- Dedication to optimizing health through achieving metabolic and hormonal balance
Equitable Care

- Care for all ages
- Ethnicities
- Sexualities and religions
- Dedicated to decreasing health disparities
- Culturally competent care
On-Going Support

- You are never alone
- Our team supports you in every decision
- You won’t be judged for taking control of your health

Our Office

Integrative Care 360
Integrative Care 360
Integrative Care 360
Integrative Care 360
Our Integrative Care 360 Approach

When you optimize your hormone function and metabolism status, you optimize your life. These are the areas that we target
Low Libido
How Our Practice Works
Step 1:
To schedule your consultation session to see if we are right for you, begin by filling out the short form below and clicking "Submit".
Step 2:
We will assess your form and reach out to you with confirmation so that you can schedule your Consultation Session.
Step 3:
Attend your Intake Session. You will meet with our professional team to uncover how we can help you reach your goals.  We will obtain some basic information & then schedule a time for you and Dr. Anisha.
Step 4:
You and Dr. Anisha work together to develop an optimized plan for you.